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Daily Free Jewellery Prize to be Won at Janeojewels.com. A prize a day!

This competition runs: daily

Our prizes selection is shown on our home page, www.janeojewels.com
( Prizes for 2009) a selection of around 25 different pieces for men and women, which we change each month. Once notified of winning personally and also posted each day on our home page, you simply select your prize and let us know your choice.
Since itís a daily prize draw, we allow one entry per email id only to maximise chances to as wider group as possible.

How do you enter?
Simply register your email id ,name and post code on the home page ( www.janeojewels.com) where it says: Register for daily Prize Draw and your entered in our draw! You will get a confirmation once your register to say its been successful. Its as simple as that. Each day we announce winners on our Home page too, and also on our blog. Come and be part of the janeojewels community and see a fabulous selection of jewellery for men and women. You can even read comments form previous prize winners on our blog at: http://janeojewels.com/blog/2009/06/prize-winners-comment-on-their-gifts.html Itís genuine and real! Go for it!

How many times may you enter?
Registration to the Free jewellery draw is only once; but you remain in our draw until you have won a prize. Since there is a daily prize, there is every reason that you have a good chance of winning. There is NO reason why you cant enter other family members in our draw as well.


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